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If you have wood or even imitation wood in some form on the exterior of your Denver property, you might consider staining it rather than painting it. With stain, you can still achieve different colors, but with most stains, you are also able to still see the natural grain of the wood. It can also add a more rustic feel to your Denver property if you want, or even make it seem more modern, depending on what stain you choose. At Craft Painters, we have the experience and knowledge to properly stain your property for you.

Exterior Staining for Your Denver Property

With our staining services, we can stain just about any exterior surface for your Denver property. That includes siding, decks, pergolas, and fencing. As your staining contractor, we will make sure to apply the stain evenly. Using Sherwin-Williams stains, we can help you decide on the right color and transparency for your Denver property. When we finish, your property will have the perfect look for your style and your purposes.

Residential Denver Staining Company

Using stain on the exterior surfaces of your Denver home can give it a unique and beautiful look. With our staining services, we can make your Denver home look clean and well put-together, improving your curb appeal and raising the value of your home. The stain will also help to seal the wood so that is doesn’t rot or splinter. Use that beautiful wood grain that you have on your Denver home, use a stain to show it off and protect it.

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A Denver Commercial Staining Contractor for Your Business

As a staining company, we can also stain the wood that adorns your Denver commercial property. You can give your business a unique look by using stain to showcase the natural wood grain you have on the exterior of your commercial building. This includes any decks or pergolas you may have, the stain acting both as a tint of color and protectant from the elements. We’ll be able to take care of it for you so you can focus on your business.

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Since 2009, Craft Painters has provided excellent customer service and detailed work in all aspects of painting projects. With our Sherwin-Williams certified painters, we make sure to always take care of the Denver metro area. Whether you are updating your current paint or wish to create a whole new look, we can help with everything from expert color consultation all the way through the final touch-ups. We don’t consider a job finished until we have walked around the property with you and ensured that the job is done well. Give us a call today for your exterior painting needs!

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