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Fence Staining

Does the fence around your Denver property need a little TLC? Are you having a new fence put in around your Denver property? In either case, we at Craft Painters can help you apply stain to your fencing. With our processes and experience, we can make sure we get every corner of your fence and keep the stain even. Let us take care of your fence as your fence staining company so that you can relax and enjoy your Denver property.

Why Your Denver Fence Needs Fence Staining

The stain is a good way to protect the fence around your Denver property. It can add the right color and improve your Denver property’s curb appeal. In addition, having stain on your fence helps to protect it from the elements, sinking into the wood in such a way that it won’t peel. As your fence staining company, we will make sure the fence staining is done properly and can protect your fence for as long as possible.

Sherwin-Williams Certified Fence Staining Service in Denver

Each member of our team is Sherwin-Williams certified. This means that they know the options available to you and your Denver property. When we help you find the right stain for wood fence staining, we will make sure that it is the right color and transparency for your Denver property. If you are unsure as to which color and transparency would work best for your Denver property, we offer an expert color consultation. We can help you find the perfect stain for your fence.

How Denver Wood Fence Staining is Applied

Before we begin your fence staining service, we will make sure that we have the correct stain. Then your fence will be cleaned to provide a clean surface for the stain to adhere to. Using a sprayer, we will then apply the stain to the fence on your property. The sprayer allows us to get an even coating as well as getting stain on all the nooks and crannies that come with the design of fences. This also means that the stain can protect the whole fence, reducing the risk of early rot and weathering.

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Since 2009, Craft Painters has provided excellent customer service and detailed work in all aspects of painting projects. With our Sherwin-Williams certified painters, we make sure to always take care of the Denver metro area. Whether you are updating your current paint or wish to create a whole new look, we can help with everything from expert color consultation all the way through the final touch-ups. We don’t consider a job finished until we have walked around the property with you and ensured that the job is done well. Give us a call today for your exterior painting needs!

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