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The exterior of your Denver property is as important of a part of your property as your interior decoration. At Craft Painters, we focus on the exterior of your Denver property so that we can make sure it is done properly. Each painter is detail-oriented so that we don’t miss a single part of your Denver property’s exterior and it can look its absolute best. Express yourself with a fresh coat of paint or stain and trust us to make sure it is done properly and looks great.

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An Experienced Denver Painting Company

An Experienced Denver Painting Company

The color of your Denver property can be an expression of who you are. You increase the curb appeal of your Denver home and bring back its beauty by refreshing the current color or changing to a new color. Each painter on our team is Sherwin-Williams certified and will ensure the paint on your property is both complete and clean. We even offer an expert color consultation so that you can pick the best color for your property.

Staining the Exterior of Your Denver Property as a Painting Contractor

An alternative to painting your Denver property is to stain it instead. As a complete painting company, we can stain your exterior surfaces, allowing the wood grain to be seen and appreciated. Stains have a variety of colors and transparencies to choose from. If you are unsure of the best route to take, our experts can offer advice and help you find exactly the look you are aiming for when it comes to your Denver property.

Your Commercial and House Painter in Denver

As both house painters and commercial painting contractors serving the Denver area, we can take care of not only the exterior of your building but the other parts of your property. If you have a deck, pergola, or fence, we can also add paint or stain to them. Protect the exterior surfaces of your property by letting us paint or stain them to not only create a beautiful area, but one that will last for years to come.

Contact Craft Painters for All Your Exterior Painting Needs!

Since 2009, Craft Painters has provided excellent customer service and detailed work in all aspects of painting projects. With our Sherwin-Williams certified painters, we make sure to always take care of the Denver metro area. Whether you are updating your current paint or wish to create a whole new look, we can help with everything from expert color consultation all the way through the final touch-ups. We don’t consider a job finished until we have walked around the property with you and ensured that the job is done well. Give us a call today for your exterior painting needs!

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  • Client Feedback

    Craft Painters are exactly what they claim to be! They used great paint, were affordable, and even did woodwork on my house that I was nervous about having to hire a carpenter for. These guys were polite, stayed on schedule, and left my house looking like a work of art. If you’re looking for a personable, detailed company to help with your house, I would highly recommend these guys!

    - Katie L.
  • Client Feedback

    Great job on my father's house. Looks great! Very fast, very professional. They care very much about customer satisfaction.

    - Betty B.
  • Client Feedback

    Professional and fast. Gave me a quote that was reasonable, unlike some of the other quotes I received around town. They brought out a paint specialist that helped me pick out my color scheme and my house looks better than it did the day I bought it. Definitely would recommend.

    - Jonathan C.

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